Architectural Facade Siding

What is Nichiha?

Nichiha is Fiber Cement Facade Panel and it is a building cladding. A composite material made of cement, fiber, silica sand and admixtures.


  • Nichiha is a global manufacturing company with more than 12 plants scattered across 3 countries
  • Nichiha offers the most complete collection of fiber cement products designed for exterior commercial, residential and interior applications
  • We offer the widest selection to fit every project needs
  • Our drained and back-ventilated moisture management system is one of the efficient in the industry
  • Our highly engineered installation system saves time and minimises mistakes
  • Our products are primed with revolutionary coating developed by the experts


Texture Nichiha uses a proprietary stamping procedure to create the vast array of textures we offer. It enables us to create more pressure and have more control than the commonly used rollers used by other manufactures. More pressure means deeper grooves, more shadows and the more natural in-print of character.
Thickness 16 mm
Sizes 3030mm x 455mm  &  1830mm X 455mm
Coating Every panel is treated with 5 protective coatings that prevent chalky residue from appearing. The result is a product that holds paint better and looks better longer.
Special Function Providing self-cleaning and anti-mould features
self cleaning
Other Feature A drained and back-vented moisture management facilities drainage and cools the building - providing thermal insulation features.
Benefit Enhanced with Nichiha's patented installation system and proprietary accessories; directly reduces installation costs, time and labour.
Weight Lighter than most cladding materials and 19kg per m2 (nominal), it creates less stress on the building and the foundation.
Available Design Available in more than 700 colours and natural designs, it is a very versatile cladding for any facade.
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